Art insurance

What value have you insured your precious paintings for? Do you want to insure your silver, porcelain or crystal collection for the correct value and against breakage? What do you expect from your insurance in the event of damage or theft of your precious vase or antique wall clock? Does your wine cellar or your classic car collection require a tailor-made insurance policy?

Worldwide cover for your private collection, without debate

Traditional insurance against fire or theft is no solution at all, seeing that the cover is not adapted to the specific characteristics of a unique art object. Our collaboration with specialised insurance companies enables us to guarantee worldwide cover for your valuable objects or private collection, specifically tailored to your needs.

Any damage resulting from accidents, even after theft or loss, is covered against the ‘agreed value’. No need for any debate. You can base your value on the price you originally paid, a certified value or even what you value your precious objects to be worth to you personally.

You can also have your objects appraised by a certified art expert for a charge considerably lower than that asked by Belgian art experts.

Our terms and conditions are the most lenient on the market, and with our comprehensive all-risk insurance your precious objects are also covered against damage. Moreover, the insurance also includes ‘floods and earthquakes’ as standard cover.

Special rates for EU officials

If you work for a European institution and possess a valuable collection, you can benefit from special terms and conditions (including free appraisal) and advantageous premiums.

Contact our colleagues in Brussels for more information or download our brochure on art insurance for EU officials.

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