As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, it is important not only to protect your own social security status but also the continuity of your business activities in the event of damage or accidents. A balanced and, above all, complete insurance package is therefore essential for your business, consultancy firm or events company.

Our Commercial & Private Lines department specialises in developing insurance solutions specifically for companies with up to about 50 employees.

Your personal account manager is responsible for your portfolio and will guide you over the long term. By centralising your entire insurance portfolio with Vanbreda, you will avoid omissions and overlaps.

What types of insurance are compulsory for entrepreneurs?

There are a number of insurance types which you as a self-employed entrepreneur will need to take into account:

  • Fire insurance: as the owner or tenant of a building, fire insurance is essential. Protect your premises and its contents against fire, glass breakage, storm, hail, water and snow damage. If you have a jewelry or antique shop or deal in valuable products, we would advise extending this contract to include insurance against theft.
  • Car insurance: If you have a company car or van, it goes without saying that it also needs to be correctly insured. Naturally, in the first instance, this concerns the vehicle itself, but do not forget the items that you are transporting by road.
  • Professional indemnity: Protect yourself against the effects of unintentional professional mistakes that may occur during your work. Making errors in calculations, construction or drawings can happen more easily than you think. For certain professions, such as architects, accountants and medical staff, it is mandatory, but it is also strongly recommended for others.
  • Accident at work insurance: Even if you employ only one or two employees, you will still need to protect them against the consequences of accidents at work or while travelling to or from work. This is a legal obligation.

Take care of your own social security

Unlike an employer who has to arrange social security cover for his employees, as an independent entrepreneur you will need to arrange this for yourself. This is done by joining a social security insurance fund and paying your social security contributions each quarter.

To supplement your social security status, you can opt for a hospitalisation insurance, a guaranteed income insurance and a Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-employed (VAPZ). If you have a company, then an Individual Pension Commitment (IPT) is also possible, and is tax deductible. With an IPT, your company pays your contributions, whereas with a VAPZ you pay them from your own pocket.

In the context of business continuity, you might also consider the lesser-known Key Person insurance. Should one of the key figures in your company be lost due to untimely death, then you, as Business Manager, will be faced with the challenge of refilling that position quickly. Such a search often involves high costs: you must find a replacement or hire managers through a temporary staff agency, and your profit margins can fall, even if only temporarily. This policy will protect you against this risk.

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