Personnel conditions C&A

All C&A employees, and the family members who live with them, can enjoy exclusive conditions for their fire, car and family insurance via Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. Recently, the benefits were even expanded. Below you can find a list of the most important benefits.

Your car insurance

You will always enjoy a 30% discount on your liability and fully comprehensive insurance. This discount also applies to the guaranteed legal assistance endorsed in the same contract.

On top of that you can enjoy, without any additional bonus, the expansion ‘2 years without value reduction’ in case of an accident: if you consequently took fully comprehensive coverage you will immediately benefit from the most advantageous depreciation formula. This means that, during the first 24 months, there will be no negative value deducted in the case of damage. This will only start from the 25 month at 1% per month.

Apart from that the product offers 2 extra trump cards, unique in the market:

  • Free coverage for physical damage for the amount of EUR 250,000: Are you a good driver and do you have a Bonus/Malus scale ‘-2’ at any insurance company? Then you will enjoy free coverage for up to EUR 250,000 if you take a car insurance with the personnel conditions via Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.
  • Lifelong guarantee of lowest Bonus/Malus scale: once you have reached the scale ‘-2’ this will be guaranteed for life, even if you have more than 1 accident for which you are at fault.

Would you like to a get a quote, please click on quote request car. Based on this we will send you an offer without engagement.

Your fire insurance

You enjoy a 20% discount for covering fire, theft and likewise risks.

Would you like to get a quote, please click on quote request house. Based on this we will send you an offer without engagement.

Your family insurance

You always enjoy a 10% discount on your family insurance.

Personal service

You can always ask questions via the personalised mailbox

But you can also count on our dedicated C&A client team:

  • for both new quote requests and questions about an existing dossier you can contact us during office hours via 03 217 55 41
  • for claims you can contact our claims department represented by Vanessa Dutz (03 217 63 53), Sandra Blanckaert (03 217 67 52) and Omar El Khattabi (03 217 63 61)
  • always mention the ’employee insurances C&A’ reference.

Vanbreda is also always ready to help you with any questions you might have regarding other insurance products.