Cost price

In price/quality ratio, Hospi via Payroll is one of the best hospitalisation insurance policies on the SME market. You pay the premium for all your employees, your employees pay for their partners and children.

If, as an executive, you opt to take advantage of Hospi via Payroll, all active employees are obliged to join the scheme from the start of the plan or once their term of employment commences. You will receive an invoice from Vanbreda Risk & Benefits each quarter detailing their premiums.

All employees may opt to pay to add their family members to the scheme (cohabiting partner and children). Children may remain part of the scheme providing they are below the age of 25 and are dependent on one of the parents (from a tax perspective) and live with one of the parents. The premiums are requested by Vanbreda Risk & Benefits on a quarterly basis via transfer or direct debit; as the employer, you are not required to take any action.

If your employees leave the company or enter (early) retirement, they may continue their policy with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. This enables them to continue to benefit from effectively the same level of cover without medical acceptance or waiting periods.

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