13 10 2016 by Pedro Matthynssens

Insurance for the insurance broker

The Belgian insurance industry is going through some turbulent times. So what is the impact on the brokers? And how can they ensure a good future for themselves?

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23 03 2016 by Dominique De Clercq

Which insurances cover terrorist attacks?

The alert level in Belgium and in Brussels in particular has been raised by the recent terrorist attacks and threats. Prevention is therefore the top priority. But what if an act of terrorism occurs and…

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18 09 2015 by Jan Lecat

Is your electric bike actually a bike?

Did you know that Europe regards your fast electric bike as a moped? And that you would therefore be best advised to license your bike, arrange for a number plate, wear a crash helmet and…

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15 07 2015

How to correctly report a work related accident

Insurers are increasingly strict when processing work related accidents. To ensure your application is not rejected at the first hurdle, you must report a work related accident in the correct way and collect sufficient material…

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