Collective hospitalisation insurance for SME

Taking out collective hospitalisation insurance for your employees without the usual administrative hassle? Opt for Hospi via Payroll: inexpensive, yet comprehensive cover for start-ups and companies with a workforce of 10 to 100 employees.

Hospi via Payroll

What is Hospi via Payroll?

With Hospi via Payroll, your employees and their family members benefit from additional reimbursement if they are admitted to hospital.

Hospi via Payroll reimburses the medical expenses incurred through hospitalisation in the event of an accident, illness, pregnancy or childbirth (outpatient admissions and home births), both for private rooms and double/shared rooms.

This collective hospitalisation insurance scheme also pays for all related ambulatory medical expenses (including medication, examinations, doctor’s visits) incurred up to two months before and six months after hospitalisation.

Persons suffering from an insured serious illness (e.g. cancer or diabetes) can rely on Hospi via Payroll to alleviate their financial worries thanks to unlimited reimbursement of all ambulatory medical expenses.

This insurance policy also includes medical support while hospitalised at home or abroad.

Hospi via Payroll is a worthwhile non-statutory benefit for your employees and their family members. They can join the scheme without the need for medical acceptance or having to endure waiting periods.

Hospi via Payroll thus offers one of the best coverages on the market and the premium is cheaper than those offered by comparable individual hospitalisation insurance companies.

How can you take out Hospi via Payroll?

This collective hospitalisation insurance is tailor-made for companies with 10 to 100 employees who utilise the services of SD Worx for their salary administration.

New entrepreneurs, who within 24 months of starting-up have at least one employee and are affiliated with SD Worx, may also subscribe to Hospi via Payroll.

If your company is not in one of these two groups, but you are convinced of the non-statutory benefit offered by collective hospitalisation insurance, get in touch with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits using the contact form. We will be pleased to assist you.

Convinced about the benefits provided?

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