Protect your intellectual property

Is your firm a well-known name in the sector? Have you invested heavily in the development of groundbreaking software? Or have your sales gone up considerably after a particular technical innovation by your engineers? You can sustain your lead on your competitors by registering and protecting your intellectual property. Intellectual property insurance helps to safeguard your rights in the event of an infringement or dispute.

Not only for multinationals

Intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs allow you to secure your position and continue to innovate in a globalized world.

Many executives think that enforcing intellectual property rights is an expensive affair reserved for international players such as Coca-Cola or Adidas, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your small to medium-sized company can also protect its intellectual property at an affordable cost.

Another firm may accuse you of copying its design or invention, or you may discover that an application used by your competitor is all too similar to your own invention.

Risks on the London or European market

The Intellectual Property policy protects your firm if it is held liable for breaching another party’s intellectual property rights, and also covers your costs of taking legal action against a firm that violated your property rights.

We place these risks on the London or European market at the best conditions.

We are there for you

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