Car insurance: why your 'green card' cannot be white

Nowadays, many companies and executives receive their car insurance papers digitally. This efficient delivery method enables them to quickly get back on the road without any worries. Nevertheless, there is something they need to watch out for: their 'green card' will not be valid if they print it out on white paper.

Car insurance: why your ‘green card’ cannot be white

Consider the following situation: one of your employees is about to go to their vehicle inspection when they realise that their car insurance document has expired. They get in contact with you and ask you to email them the ‘green card’ for their company car. You forward them the green card, your employee prints it off, and they go to their vehicle inspection appointment without further delay.

However, before the car can undergo a thorough inspection, your employee receives a nasty surprise. The reason: they printed out their green card on white paper. As the name suggests, a green card does actually have to be green. The upshot is that your employee has to come back to have the paper verified once again – regardless of whether everything else is fine with the car.

Always print out the card on green paper

Here is the good news first of all: despite the fact that the green card is white, your employee’s civil liability insurance is in order. The employee is well insured. However, the insurance certificate itself is not acceptable.

The colour of the insurance certificate is green as set out by international agreement. This means that you must always be able to show a legally valid green card in the event of a police check, during a car inspection or when attending driving school. If you have a copy or a white version, you will either be unceremoniously kept to the side of your vehicle or sent home. Therefore, if you receive your insurance documents online, you need to print them out on green paper. The hue (dark or light green) makes no difference as long as it is green.

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