Cyber Survey 2017: how do companies protect themselves?

The WannaCry virus, which infected hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide, showed last month that the risk of cybercrime is very high. In our Cyber Survey 2017, we questioned over one hundred Belgian companies about how they protect themselves against cyber criminals. We also asked them how they are preparing for the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cyber Survey 2017: how do companies protect themselves?

The graphic below shows the six most important conclusions from the Cyber Survey 2017:

infographic cyber


Our research shows that many of the participants already clearly understand the implications resulting from insufficient safeguarding against cyber risks. They update their anti-virus software every day (65%), make their staff aware of new cyber dangers (17.86%) and actively implement processes as part of the European GDPR legislation (23.64%).

Don't underestimate the dangers

Many other participants greatly underestimate the dangers. 11% of the companies admitted to having fallen victim to cybercrime in the past year, which proves that the risk is imminent. The fact that 58.93% of the companies questioned are not making their staff members aware of the increasing cyber threats, and that 36.36% have never even heard of the GDPR legislation, in this respect, makes you wonder at least.

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