Duty of Care: how do you provide optimum protection for all your employees?

In these challenging times, it is even more important to provide the best possible protection for your employees. After all, they are your greatest asset. How do you manage your 'Duty of Care', i.e. your duty to look after your staff, within your company? Is an appropriate personal insurance policy already part of your risk management approach? How do you ensure that any necessary insurance cover has been arranged and properly coordinated for your personnel?

Duty of Care: how do you provide optimum protection for all your employees?

A substantive and financially balanced insurance package will not only provide optimum protection for your employees in the event of sickness, accident, breakdown, etc., it will also enable you as an employer to stand out in the labour market. An additional asset, particularly now that the war for talent is all around us.

In this whitepaper, our experts offer advice on how to formulate a Duty of Care policy and what level of significance should be attached to personal insurance. This article provides some initial details.

Duty of Care pays off

Duty of Care relates to your duty as an employer to look after your employees, irrespective of whether they work at your company premises, work from home or are on an assignment abroad. You must act in accordance with the rules of good housekeeping by protecting them 24/7 in the event of hospitalisation, an accident at work, incapacity for work, etc. Does your company also employ expats or impats? Or do you have subsidiaries abroad? It is advisable to integrate these aspects into your overall personal insurance package for all your employees.

By focusing on, and communicating about, your Duty of Care in a transparent manner, you also increase your market value. Employees and job applicants want to work for companies that can offer them added value. An appropriate insurance package must be part of the additional benefits offered to all (future) employees.

Tailor-made personal insurance

Do you have sufficient insight into the different personal insurance policies you have taken out for your employees? Our new Duty of Care whitepaper clearly explains which risks are covered by Belgian social security and which risks can or must be insured separately. A wide range of options is available, from compulsory cover in the event of accidents at work to optional travel assistance or expat insurance. You can also insure, for example, your employees’ medical costs or provide additional retirement or life insurance cover. Because each company is unique, it is advisable to tailor your insurance packages not only to your business activities, but also to your workforce.

We Care = You Win

Our ‘We Care = You Win’ approach guarantees a transparent and financially advantageous package of personal insurance cover. By conducting analyses, our experts aim to identify any overlapping – or worse, missing – cover and develop alternatives tailored to your business. We take into account any type of employment, both at home and abroad. The result: a substantive and financially optimised insurance package that protects your employees against the risks they are faced with on a daily basis. We also provide appropriate tools to manage these risks correctly. Our total approach is unique in the insurance market.  

Sara Brants

Would you like further information?

We would be happy to assist your company in optimising your personal insurance package. Interested in tailor-made advice? Feel free to contact us via dutyofcare@vanbreda.be.

Also remember to consult our Knowledge Centre, where you can download our Duty of Care white paper.

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