VanbredaConnect: six reasons why you should manage your insurance online

From ordering a meal to designing business cards, today everything is done online. This is hardly surprising, because time is the most precious asset in our busy lives. That is why we, as digital pioneer, have developed an online tool for you. If you manage several professional insurance policies, the tool can save you a lot of time.

VanbredaConnect: six reasons why you should manage your insurance online

Always be in control of your insurance files with VanbredaConnect

VanbredaConnect is the new Vanbreda Risk & Benefits insurance platform. It allows you to manage your files and declarations online, wherever you are, easily, securely and free of charge. Find out how this tool can also make your life easier.

1.    We can handle your administration for you.
You do not need to keep an overview of your various files and claims yourself. Goodbye folders, tables, policies and reports. All the information will be available to you in one place.

2.    Don’t be limited by opening hours or location.
An accident or claim should be reported as soon as possible without having to worry about opening hours. You also want to be able to access your files at all times, either at home or at the office. VanbredaConnect enables you to manage everything online – where and when it suits you.

3.    Exchange documents more quickly and securely.
If you need to submit new documents, you can quickly upload them in a highly secure environment. The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed, and even large files can easily be uploaded.

4.    No more waiting for news.

From now on, you can follow up on claims with a single summary.

VanbredaConnect shows the real-time progress on a convenient timeline.

This makes sure you always have the most recent information available.

5.    Mobile first.

On your way to work, you can access VanbredaConnect on all your mobile devices.

6.    Always have the right contact details at hand.

If you have any further questions or concerns, you will always find the contact details of the right Vanbreda expert on your online platform.

We are there for you.

Would you like to find out how easy the management of your insurance policies and claims could be? Request your free access to VanbredaConnect by sending an email to or contact your Account Manager for more information.