Make sure that your IBO employees remain well insured

If you, as an employer, have employees with an IBO (individual vocational training) contract, you must ensure that they stay well insured against occupational accidents. In the past, the Flemish Public Employment Service (VDAB) automatically provided your accident-at-work insurer with a copy of the jobseeker's contract, but as of 1 September this is no longer the case.

Make sure that your IBO employees remain well insured

Employers often make use of individual vocational training (IBO) from VDAB. The aim of this training is to enable firms to offer jobseekers training at work, with the possibility of employing them for an indefinite period afterwards.

The employer is obliged to insure the trainee against accidents that could occur during the training, as well as when travelling to and from the training location. This insurance must offer the same cover as that of the accident-at-work law of 10 April 1971.

Automatic notification has ended

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits notes that as from 1 September, VDAB no longer automatically sends a copy of the IBO employee’s contract to the employer’s accident-at-work insurer.

As such, we advise our clients to make sure they provide us with a copy of each IBO contract they have with VDAB. We will provide them to your insurer. This is only way to guarantee that you fulfil your obligation of insuring the jobseeker to whom you are offering training at all times.

Legal framework postponed until 2020

In the French-speaking part of Belgium, this type of individual vocational training contract (known as FPI) is also used through FOREM. Prior to drafting the contract, FOREM requires a signed certificate from the firm’s accident-at-work insurer. The rest of the procedure is similar to that of VDAB.

For the sake of completeness, the following employment services also use these professional training courses:

  • Actiris for the Brussels Capital Region;
  • A.D.G for the German-speaking Community.

For both services, the employer is responsible for informing their insurer/insurance broker about any new IBO contracts.

The insertion of the IBO and other statutes into the legal framework for occupational accidents has been postponed until 1 January 2020.

Axel De Lamper

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