Merger of Government Services

In order to improve the efficiency of government services, the Federal government has decided to merge various public institutions.

Fedris handles occupational accidents and diseases

FAO and FBZ to Become Fedris

The FBZ (Fonds voor de beroepsziekten/Fund for Occupational Diseases) and the FAO (Fonds voor arbeidsongevallen/Fund for Occupational Accidents) will merge to become Fedris (Federaal agentschap voor beroepsrisico’s/Federal Agency for Occupational Hazards). Fedris will take over all tasks from the FAO and FBZ. Thus, there will now be one public institution for all matters involving occupational hazards.

Fedris’ most important tasks will be:

  • Compensation of victims of occupational diseases and, in specific cases, victims of occupational accidents;
  • The implementation and support of various preventive measures involving occupational diseases and occupational accidents;
  • Checking compliance of insurance companies and employers in respect of occupational accidents.

Further information on Fedris may be found at

RSZ to Take Over Tasks from DIBISS

The RSZ (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid/Royal Service for Social Security) will take over a significant number of tasks from the DIBISS (Dienst voor de Bijzondere Socialezekerheidsstelsels/Service for Special Social Security Systems). Thus, the RSZ will perform the following tasks from now on:

  • Collecting contributions towards social security and pensions and conventional contributions from local and provincial government services;
  • DOSZ (overzeese sociale zekerheid/Overseas Social Security);
  • The social and fiscal Maribel scheme for the government sector and payment of various premiums.

Historically, many Belgian companies choose to use DIBISS for their expat employees’ pensions, and mostly private insurance companies for the other benefits (medical expenses, accidents, assistance, etc.).

The RSZ guarantees the same level of service provision as the DIBISS. All DIBISS customers have been given extensive information on the new contact details.

For any further questions, please contact the general number for the Royal Social Security Service at +32 (0)2 509 59 59 or consult the following website:

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