23 11 2021 by Tom Van Britsom

Phishing: be aware and train your staff

Forget the spelling mistakes, strange layouts and outdated logos, phishers have learned their lesson and are now imitating websites so well that even specialists have to look twice. How then are non-professionals supposed to deal…

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05 11 2021 by Robert Bernard

Neighbour disputes: is your insurance up to date?

The courts have recently been granted a large number of new measures aimed at resolving disputes between neighbours and neighbourhood conflicts. Conflicts of this nature also affect policyholders who want to take out insurance cover…

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19 07 2021 by Jesse Mertens

Legal protection: add-on or stand-alone product?

Business owners often think that if they take out legal protection insurance under their car or fire policy, they can also claim on it for other legal disputes. But this isn't normally the case. So,…

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29 06 2021 by Tom Van Britsom

9 steps to the ideal cyber insurance cover

Ongoing digitalisation has made more and more companies aware of the need for effective cyber insurance cover. The question as to what exactly constitutes a good cyber insurance policy usually leads to an interesting selection…

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