Vanbreda invests in new series "Therapy"

On Wednesday 20 March 2019, the new eight-part series "Therapy" started on Canvas. In this series, eight therapists open the doors to their consultation rooms and their lives for the general public. This gives viewers a unique insight into the often mentally gruelling discussions between therapist and client. Vanbreda invested in this series because we believe it will help break through taboos. Our figures have shown that many Belgians are too late in seeking professional help.

Vanbreda invests in new series “Therapy”

The “Therapy” series was made by Tom Lenaerts’ production company Panenka. For many months, unmanned cameras discreetly recorded the sessions held by the participating therapists. This ensured that the intimacy of the conversations and the anonymity of the clients was respected.

Even though the patients are not recognisable on screen, they do give us a glimpse into the depths of their soul. During the series, viewers are privy to conversations that they would never hear elsewhere. Here, you will hear what comes straight from patients’ hearts and about things they may been holding back for years.

The stories in “Therapy” are as diverse as life itself. The therapists delve into all kinds of issues and subjects. Consequently, the programme also provides an inside view of the world of the therapists themselves. How do they process these trying sessions? What aspects of their work still remain with them when they get home and how do they approach their work? They not only open up their therapy rooms, but also a part of themselves.

Accessible and breaking taboos

Last year, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits decided to invest in the series produced by Panenka through a tax shelter. And the idea behind making this investment was quite clear. Vanbreda manages Guaranteed income plans for Belgian employees, summarised in short, these are insurance plans that offer employees financial protection during periods of long-term absence due to disease.

Evelyne Lauwers, Business Manager Income Care at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits: “In managing our Guaranteed income plans, we have noticed that the share of psychological conditions is increasing and not every insured person is receiving the appropriate help they need or is looking for. We have noticed, however, that a visit to the psychiatrist has a positive effect on the duration of the absence. Persons who, for example, are faced with burn-out or depression and who receive the appropriate help right away, will return to work sooner than when they have to wait for that help.”

A programme like “Therapy” can offer a broad audience more insight into what really happens at the therapist’s office. “We hope that this series will break through taboos and make therapy more accessible. That is why we support it,” says Evelyne Lauwers.

You can find more information about the series via this link.

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