Vanbreda gives risk advice at the KMO Connect Days

On 23 and 24 November, Vanbreda had its own stand at the KMO Connect Days, a large network convention held in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, Belgium. We offered all visitors a free audit or a free risk profile. Our Deputy Director Jan Van Houtven invited Koen Vanlommel, business manager of the IT firm Netropolix, to join him in visiting the convention.

As a busy entrepreneur, Koen Vanlommel (on the right in this picture) considers it important to always be able to count on the service of Vanbreda. "I don't work with Vanbreda, I work with Jan"

“These kinds of activities are a perfect way to get to know new people, acquire new knowledge and be inspired”, says Koen Vanlommel. “I’ve travelled a great many kilometres over the years, but after visiting an event like this I still go home with new insights. And it’s also nice just to escape from the daily routine.”

“Koen has managed to introduce us to a whole host of interesting prospects”, explains Jan Van Houtven. “As the largest Belgian insurance broker, it’s important for us to be present at this type of event. Our stand immediately attracts many people. We offer visitors a free audit or risk analysis and they also have a chance to win an iPad.”

First insurance with Vanbreda

Koen Vanlommel has been a client of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits for 15 years now. “The first insurance that I took out was with Vanbreda”, he laughs. “I was already a very satisfied customer of Bank Van Breda when I got to know Jan at the bank’s branch in Mol.”

“In those days, we still organised network events together with the bank”, explains Jan Van Houtven. “Since then, Koen has become a fully-fledged client as each of the companies that he is involved with are also insured by Vanbreda.”

Working with Jan

Koen Vanlommel is not only business manager of the Netropolix group, but he is also involved in a number of other companies. Via Koen, the DMG Group and Before The Hype, among others, became Vanbreda clients.

As a busy entrepreneur, he considers it important to always be able to count on the service of Vanbreda. “I don’t work with Vanbreda, I work with Jan”, he says resolutely. “We don’t need to say much to come to an understanding and his team also has a very structured way of working. I need that.”

As an IT expert, Koen has a very clear vision of how the insurance market is developing. “I believe that we are evolving towards a market in which the level of human interaction will decline. The entrepreneur will always be a layman in insurance, so clarification remains crucial. The added value of an insurance broker like Vanbreda lies, if you ask me, in providing expert advice.”

Interested in a free audit or risk profile?

Are you, just like the visitors during the KMO Connect Days, interested in a free audit or a free risk profile? Or are you perhaps interested, just like Koen Vanlommel, in visiting an event with us? If so, please contact us.

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