Vanbreda makes their visitor car park available for care providers free of charge

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and Cigna International Health Services, are the first private companies to make their visitor car park in Borgerhout, Antwerp available as 'ZorgParking'.

Vanbreda makes their visitor car park available for care providers free of charge

‘ZorgParking’ is an initiative of the non-profit organisation SEL Amberes, and is supported by the City of Antwerp and the PCSW of Antwerp. Liane De Boeck speaking on behalf of the non-profit organisation SEL Amberes said: “Thanks to this initiative, health care providers providing home nursing will be able to park their cars in a ‘ZorgParking’, close to their patients. To date, 541 residents of the City of Antwerp have already offered the parking space in front of their parking garages as ‘ZorgParking’. We now also hope to extrapolate this wonderful initiative by the residents for health care providers to include private companies, and we are very pleased that Vanbreda and Cigna are already setting a good example.”

Every care provider with a RIZIV code can use a ‘ZorgParking’. Home care nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, health care providers and other care professionals can park their cars for 45 minutes in a ‘ZorgParking’ whenever they visit patients.

Pieter Panneel, Social Profit Director at Vanbreda: “We are supporting this great initiative of SEL Amberes and the City of Antwerp. With many clients in the social profit-sector, we know how important it is that doctors and nursing staff don’t have to spend their valuable time and energy looking for a parking place, but are able to spend the maximum amount of time with their patients.”

Above the entrance to our above-ground car park you will see a sticker that indicates our ‘ZorgParking’. Soon, you will also be able to find our car park via the ‘ZorgParking’ app.

On Thursday 13 June, our ‘ZorgParking’ was festively launched by the Antwerp alderman Fons Duchateau. Helga Gils of Cigna and Pieter Panneel, representing Vanbreda, ceremonially received the official sticker.

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Are you interested in making the parking spot in front of your garage or your company car park available as a ‘Zorgparking’? Please visit for more info about the possibilities.

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