Report your claims online

eServices gives you a complete and detailed overview of your policies and claims.
For your ease of use, we have extended this free online tool with a car claims module.

Report your claims online

In the event of a car accident, it is important to provide us with your claims notification as soon as possible. Whether you were at fault or not.

Via eServices, you can report claims 24/7 based on various parameters (e.g. location, time, circumstances). You can indicate the damage to your vehicle precisely on a 3D image, so you no longer need to send in a drawing.

And we go even further: depending on the module you choose, various fields can be filled in for you beforehand. As soon as you type in your number plate, the form already automatically completes a good deal of it for you. How handy is that!

Now you no longer need to allow for office hours or the availability of your account manager or customer administrator. Furthermore, you can look over our shoulders: the following working day, you will already see the adjustments to policies or claims.

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