Comprehensive weather insurance: protection against natural disasters

Farmers can protect themselves against natural disasters such as drought, storms, hail and flooding through comprehensive weather insurance. This type of insurance, with up to 65% of the premium currently reimbursed by the Flemish government, will replace the disaster fund by 2025. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is one of the exclusive providers of comprehensive weather/crop insurance. Our experts are happy to help farmers, federations and companies devise a tailor made solution.

What is comprehensive weather insurance?

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits’ comprehensive weather insurance provides insurance cover for open air crops in Flanders against the financial consequences of extreme weather conditions that could have an adverse effect on a crop: ice, drought, storms, frost, excessive rainfall, exceptional heatwaves, hailstorms and flooding.

This type of insurance is new in Belgium. That is why Vanbreda and Great Lakes, specialists in crop insurance, have decided to join forces and offer climate risk insurance.

How does comprehensive weather insurance work?

Comprehensive weather insurance is based on several straightforward principles:

  • You choose which crops you want to insure;
  • You submit all plots for each crop for insurance cover;
  • Various excess options are available;
  • In the event of damage, any lost yield will qualify for full compensation, subject to deduction of any excess amounts.

What is insured?

Vanbreda will insure your crop against physical damage caused by ice, drought, storms, frost, excessive rainfall, exceptional heatwaves, hailstorms and flooding that might damage your crop. This includes both quantitative and qualitative damage. If you are unable to achieve your anticipated yield as a result of one of the above mentioned causes, you will have incurred damages and will be entitled to compensation.

The risks associated with natural disasters, fire caused by lightning and snow are not insured in accordance with the Flemish government’s relevant criteria.

What are the benefits of taking out this insurance cover with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits?

Vanbreda has extensive expertise with respect to crops and crop insurance. Our experience in the agricultural and horticultural sectors enables us to help entrepreneurs minimise the consequences of any damage incurred. We work with experts specialised in the agricultural sector.


  • We try to find the most comprehensive guarantees. We will negotiate with an insurer in order to obtain the most favourable conditions.
  • Vanbreda Risk & Benefits will always defend the client’s interests. In the event of damage, we also guarantee a frictionless payment procedure.

Because each company is different, premiums are tailor made. Using Vanbreda, you can request a quote tailored to your company’s requirements. The Flemish government grants a subsidy amounting to 65% of the premium.

Flemish subsidy reimburses up to 65% of a premium

The Flemish government provides a premium subsidy for recognised comprehensive weather insurance in the agricultural and horticultural sectors. If you, as an active farmer, arrange recognised comprehensive weather/crop insurance cover via Vanbreda, you will qualify for a subsidy amounting to 65% of the annual insurance premium (excluding insurance tax) from 2020 until 2022.

What steps should you take to obtain a subsidy?

  • As an active farmer you need to arrange recognised insurance cover (prior to the growing season) with the recognised provider Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.
  • You can apply for the subsidy via the single collective application for the cultivation season in question.
  • The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will reimburse 65% of the annual insurance premium you paid to the insurance company (excluding insurance tax).

We are there for you.

Veerle Geudens
Consultant Business Development & Innovation