Credit insurance

Every year, one in eighty companies goes into administration. If this happens to your suppliers or clients, there is a high risk that your outstanding invoices will remain unpaid. A credit insurance will protect your company against any loss suffered.

Analyse the credit risks of your company

Stiff competition among credit insurers means that you can currently benefit from exceptionally low rates and very favourable conditions for acceptance for credit insurance.

Analyse your outstanding credit risks regularly. Focus in particular on the top 20% of your clients, which can account for 80% of your overall risk. After all, these are the clients which have a huge impact on your financial health.

We can calculate which would be the best programme for your company to endorse based on the average claims in your specific sector and the 20/80 ratio of your clients.

The credit insurance provides access to a flexible financing technique that grows with your turnover. Access to sufficient liquid assets will contribute to the further growth of your company. And prompt financing is of crucial importance in this.

If your receivable accounts are insured against non-payment, we will examine whether financing of up to 90% of the outstanding approved invoices is possible. You will only pay interest on the actual amounts received and for the period of having received them.

Our focus lies in developing programmes that offer three advantages:

  • maximising returns from your credit insurance;
  • providing administrative efficiency;
  • enabling an efficient way to monitor your clients with impact.

We are there for you.

Do you want the most cost-effective credit insurance possible? Contact Vanbreda Credinco, the expertise centre for credit insurance at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.