For hospitals

Your hospital would like a drastic simplification in the processing of medical patient costs. Medi-Link can offer you the solution.

Medi-Link is the third-party payment system of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. For patients insured through us, the processing of hospitalisation costs is drastically simplified. As soon as an admission is confirmed, the hospital can send the patient invoice (the balance owed by the patient after intervention by the national health service) directly to us. We guarantee payment in full within 10 working days.

A simple procedure

The secret of Medi-Link’s efficiency lies in its simplicity. The patient informs our services (in advance) of his/her admission. We then check whether or not the admission falls within the guarantees of the policy.

  • If our services accept the admission, we will send you a confirmation of liability by e-mail, providing name, date of birth and address of the patient, and the date of admission. On the basis of this document, you can send the patient invoice relating to the admission to: MediLink, P.O. Box 40, 2140 Antwerp. We will inform the patient of acceptance.
  • If the admission is not accepted, you will also receive a communication giving details of the patient and the date of admission. In such a case the patient must deal with the invoices relating to the admission himself/herself. The patient will be informed of this by us.
  • If we have not received sufficient information to decide whether or not an admission can be accepted, you will receive a communication with the notification “pending”. If the missing information arrives before the actual admission, we shall immediately communicate the final decision (acceptance or not). If the information is not yet available when the patient is admitted, the dossier must be regarded as unaccepted and the patient will have to settle the invoices himself/herself.

Our experience shows that the majority of dossiers relate to planned admissions. Therefore, you will usually know at the time of admission whether or not the dossier has been accepted.

What about an unexpected admission?

Some admissions are not planned in advance. In the event of an unexpected admission, the patient (or a family member) must inform us as soon as possible. We ensure that you receive a notification of acceptance or non-acceptance as soon as possible.

In order to ensure speed and efficiency of notification, participants receive an identification card that they can use to inform us of their admission. Patients can also use this card in your hospital to identify themselves as Medi-Link participants.

We are there for you

As Hospital Manager, you can contact us by mail at for general information.