Medi-Link Step 1

Vanbreda healthcare app submit declaration

The patient reports the admission to Vanbreda

Planned admission

The patient notifies us as quickly as possible, and no later than 14 days before the date of the planned  admission. This may be done via our Healthcare app, by telephone via the call centre or by letter/fax. He/she informs us of the date and the reason for admission (procedure or diagnosis) and the name of hospital chosen. The Medi-Link third-party payment system is applicable only in Belgian hospitals that have signed a collaborative agreement with Vanbreda.

In order to facilitate the transmission of details, every participating family member receives a personal Medi-Link card giving all useful information. In this way every patient always has the correct information at hand. There are three possible scenarios:

  • The third-party payment scheme for admission is accepted, that is, the reason for admission falls within the guarantees for the scheme. The patient receives from us a written confirmation of direct payment. At the same time we notify the hospital that the patient in question will present himself/herself for admission and that we will pay the invoices. The hospital undertakes not to demand any advance and to forward all invoices relating to the admission to Vanbreda.
  • The third-party payment scheme is not accepted, that is, the admission does not fall within the guarantees of the plan. Both the patient and the hospital receive written notification from us that no third-party payment scheme is available for the admission and that the patient will have to settle all invoices relating to this admission himself/herself.
  • We do not have sufficient information to be able to assess the admission. We therefore treat the acceptance of the third-party payment scheme as pending and request additional information in writing from the patient. The hospital is notified that possible acceptance is being considered. If we receive the missing information before the admission we shall immediate communicate our final decision. If, on the day of the admission, we are still not in possession of the information requested, the hospital should regard the third-party payment scheme for the admission as not accepted and the patient will have to settle invoices himself/herself.

Day patients

Medi-Link also applies to day hospitalisation or the so-called one-day-clinic, at least to the extent that accommodation costs are charged by the hospital. In that case, the above-mentioned scenarios apply as well.

Unexpected admission

In the event of an unexpected admission, the patient or a family member must inform us as soon as possible. On the basis of the information given, we will inform the hospital whether or not the third-party payment scheme applies.

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