Environmental damage

The fact that your company does not produce any pollutants does not mean that it cannot be affected by environmental damage. Your company grounds could become polluted, a rented office building may contain asbestos or your team building exercise might disrupt the biodiversity of a nature park.

Safeguard the continuity of your company

An environmental insurance tailored to your company will safeguard the continuity of your company if you are the victim of an environmental disaster. It forms the final link in preventive measures aimed at alleviating the financial consequences of pollution.

Environmental legislation is becoming stricter, which in turn increases your liability risks. Environmental damage is difficult to manage and the costs can be substantial. In the majority of cases, traditional fire or liability policies do not provide reimbursement:

  • Your fire policy only offers cover for insured goods resulting from an insured risk. The ‘clean-up costs’ cover, for example, does not include soil remediation.
  • Your civil liability offers no cover for gradual pollution. Environmental damage on your own company grounds and your strict liability or damage to the biodiversity are not insured.

Insure your company against environmental damage

Environmental insurance makes no distinction with regard to place, origin or nature of the damage. You are insured against:

  • pollution of your own company grounds, both accidental and gradual;
  • liability for environmental damage to third parties;
  • protection costs;
  • remediation costs;
  • damage to the biodiversity.

Is your construction, textile, haulage or chemical company running a particular environmental risk? If so, you can include these specific risks in your policy.

With a loss of profits insurance policy  you can protect the financial position of your company against the consequences of environmental damage.

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