Fleet management

Whether you are managing your company's leased cars, sending lorries all over Europe or running a fleet of buses, you want your fleet to run smoothly. By focusing on safe and sustainable risk management, you can limit the number of claims made by your company and reduce costs.

Are your risks getting out of control?

You can come to us for a global approach to your fleet risks:

1. Administrative simplification

Thanks to the proxies granted by various insurers, we are able to write and manage your fleet policies ourselves. This results in a more efficient management of your fleet policy and the immediate issuing of your insurance certificates.

2. Help and advice in case of claims

Our experts will assist you with:

  • an independent legal assessment;
  • prompt action to get complex cases moving;
  • a correct assessment of the feasibility of ‘claims’;
  • effective leadership and guidance with procedures;
  • advice on disputed matters.

3. Damage statistics

  • overall claims statistics;
  • statistics per type of cover;
  • reports per driver, circumstances of the accident, the date and place of the accident, frequency, etc.;
  • the link between the frequency of your claims and the premium that you pay.

These reports are the fundamentals of a prevention action plan to rule out accidents.

4. Help with prevention

By focusing on managing risks for your fleet, you can limit the number of claims made and significantly reduce costs. We will collaborate with your insurer to analyse your current prevention policy and work alongside you to evaluate it and adapt it where necessary.

You can align preventive measures for your car fleet, for example, with other safety measures within your organisation, such as avoidance of accidents while commuting.

We can help you with:

  • development of your general prevention policy;
  • processing of statistical results;
  • following up the results of your prevention measures.

This proactive approach will provide:

  • changes in driver behaviour;
  • more safety-conscious business operations;
  • increased safety for your employees.

5. Market consultation

We safeguard optimum premium settings for your contracts. This enables us to ensure that your risks are covered at the best possible rates.

After analysing your risks, we will consult with you to determine an action plan for the renewal of your contracts. We will then screen the contents of your policies once again at the time of the renewal to ensure that they still meet your insurance needs. We will also keep in mind alternative forms of risk financing.

The insurers that we involve in the renewal review will be chosen together with you. We will examine the solvency of the insurers, their ratings, reporting capabilities, the desired prevention support, the organisation of the claims department and verify whether the insurer’s expertise is adequate for your risk profile.

6. Information

You can stay informed of developments in fleet management via our newsletters. One of our specialists serves on the expert team of the trade journal Fleet & Business. This means that we always have a finger on the pulse and you can be assured that your fleet policy is up to date.

Car damage

Thanks to the eTool Car damage by Vanbreda, you can manage your claims online, wherever and whenever you’d like.

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