Legal protection

Disputes with your competitors, suppliers or current and ex-employees are always best avoided. After all, legal proceedings can be drawn out, complicated and expensive. A legal protection policy ensures that your company's rights are fully protected without becoming entangled in a complex financial mess.

From criminal defence to bail

The basic cover provided under Civil Redress and Criminal Defence policies usually include several supplementary covers, such as for bail, inability of third parties to pay an invoice, etc.

Go for an amicable settlement

Every legal protection insurer will seek an amicable solution to the dispute first. If this is not possible, a judicial or extrajudicial administrative solution will be sought. You have the right to choose your own legal advisor.

Additional liability protection

Legal Protection cover is a necessary supplement to liability insurance for a number of specific professions (such as medical and paramedical professions and insurance brokers, etc.).

Specialised insurer

Many insurance policies offer a Legal Protection supplement. This allows you to receive advice, but it is nevertheless wise to take out your Legal Protection separately with a specialised insurer. These can offer you supplementary coverage as an extension to your basic policies, such as Labour and Social Law, General Contracts, Fiscal Law, …

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