Protect yourself against damage to third parties

Just imagine: one of your employees damages the car of an important client on the company car park; or one of your technicians causes a short circuit during installation work, resulting in your client’s company coming to a standstill for several hours; or scaffolding collapses during maintenance work at your company site, injuring a number of passers-by.

Irrespective of whether you run a consultancy firm or a construction company, you or your employees could always cause unintentional third-party damage while carrying out your work.

This physical, material and immaterial damage can be covered by civil liability for commercial operations insurance. In this way, you can protect the financial health and even the survival of your company.

The increasingly heavy demands placed on your company in the provision of goods and services, together with the greater awareness of consumers, mean that your company can no longer do without a policy for civil liability for subsequent delivery or product liability. This insurance covers the liability of your company for damage caused to third parties by a defective product or by work that has been carried out, and the cause can lie in manufacturing, installation, packaging, repair, etc.

Professional indemnity: be careful with advice and service provision

Professional indemnity insurance protects you as a service provider against damage resulting from your advice, calculations or actions. This is useful for all service providers, especially in the legal, financial and medical sectors, but also ICT consultants and architects can benefit from this cover.

For a number of certified professions, such as members of the legal profession and architects, it is even compulsory to be covered by a professional indemnity policy.

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