Maritime risks

You are a maritime company

As a maritime company, you expose yourself to turbulent waters every day. Trust our specialists to manage your maritime risks.

  • Your Hull insurance covers damage to or loss of your ship, appurtenances and spare parts on board, supplies, fuel and lubricating oil and all machinery.
  • Insure your liability as a shipowner, charterer or shipper under protection & indemnity (P&I) or charterers’ liability.
  • Rely on an excellent settlement of claims and contractual disputes through our in-house claims team and ensure that all legal costs etc. are paid under freight, demurrage & defence insurance.
  • A kidnap & ransom insurance policy pays the ransom demanded up to a predetermined limit in order to get your ship and/or crew back into service as soon as possible. The insurance cover also compensates the costs for assistance from specialised consultants and mediators.

Your goods

Since you are the interested party of the goods, your terms and conditions of sale determine who is responsible for transportation and the associated risks and insurance.

  • If the goods are shipped at your risk, you will need to protect yourself from the consequences of damage to or loss of the shipped goods by taking out Cargo insurance (including risks of ‘general average’).
  • If the goods are not shipped at your risk, it is wise to take out a Contingency policy. This will provide cover against damage or loss occurring during shipping, in which you still have a financial interest.

You organise transports

You do not possess your own means of transport, but you organise the shipping and draw up your own shipping documents.

  • Seeing that you would then bear the same responsibilities as the effective carrier, it would be best to opt for a freight forwarders’ liability/NVOCC policy in order to protect your liability.
  • As a freight forwarder, customs agent or logistics company, you can take out liability insurance for all your business activities. With the Arex 21 policy, you choose the type of cover, insured capital and excess amounts. You can find out more about this flexible insurance package via the Vereniging Expediteurs Antwerpen (VEA, the Antwerp Forwarders’ Federation).

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