Occupational accidents

You are required by law to insure your employees while at work against occupational accidents as well as when they are commuting between home and work.

What cover does your insurance provide?

Occupational accident insurance is required by law. Each policy provides cover for these five points:

  • hospital expenses and medicines will be reimbursed in accordance with the scales of the NIHDI;
  • transportation expenses to hospitals and doctors will be reimbursed;
  • a daily compensation payment of 90% of the average daily wage, from the first day of temporary incapacity for work;
  • your employee will receive benefits should the disability prove to be permanent;
  • in the event of a death, the body will be repatriated free of charge and a contribution will be paid for the funeral costs. Surviving dependants will receive a pension.

Prevent accidents at work

Every day, an average of 79 employees are permanently incapacitated by an occupational accident. This means that prevention and safety in the workplace remains a priority.

We provide, among other things, assistance in:

  • the general policy for preventing accidents;
  • drafting technical and organisational recommendations for the various workplaces and production units;
  • drafting and monitoring various prevention measures;
  • consultancy for training programmes aimed at ensuring a safer working environment.

Avoid disputes with your insurer

Fewer and fewer accidents in the workplace and to and from work are recognised as occupational accidents. In 1985, 2.2% of accident claims were rejected, as opposed to 11.8% in 2012. We will assist in cases of dispute or complex accidents. We have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the majority of insurers in order to manage your claims in the best way possible.

Our specialists will draw up a detailed financial analysis for you. This will enable you to maintain a clear picture of the financial impact of the occupational accident risk and will consolidate your negotiating position with your insurer.

Protect your trainees and volunteers

In addition to the compulsory insurance against accidents at work, you can protect your employees even better with the following covers:

Supplementary incapacity insurance

The compensation provided under occupational insurance is limited to the statutory ceiling, which is why an increasing number of companies opts to insure their employees for the wages that exceed this ceiling.

Private life

It is sometimes a thin line between work and private life. What if one of your employees slips at the swimming pool of the hotel while on a business trip? In order to avoid disputes and/or to provide your employees with a non-statutory benefit, you could also offer them private accident insurance. Together with accident at work insurance, this would provide them with 24/7 protection.

Insurance for workers not on the payroll

You cannot afford to have a trainee break a leg while not being insured. Be sure to provide adequate insurance for trainees, volunteers, student workers or self-employed consultants working for your company.

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