Pension advice

As an employer, you want the best pension solution for your employees. Our Pension Consultancy team will work out a tailor-made plan for you.

The Pension Consultancy team is part of the Employee Benefits Brokerage & Consultancy department at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and is made up of 25 employees, including 9 qualified actuaries and 2 legal experts.

Our team’s daily work consists of assisting employers with the detailed and complex issues surrounding supplementary pensions. We provide advice about supplementary pensions both for plans insured with an insurance company and for those administered within a pension fund (Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP)).

Companies consult with us about:

Our three quality guarantees make sure that we can make a difference for your company today:

1.Expertise: over 25 years’ experience

Our Pension Consultancy department has been providing services to employers and pension funds in the area of supplementary pensions for over 25 years. Thanks to these many years of experience, we have built up solid expertise that is continuously shared with the new colleagues who join our ever-growing team.


2.Pragmatic: clarity in complexity

Supplementary pensions are a complex area. The rapidly changing legislation often makes it difficult for employers and pension funds to keep up with changes and to evaluate the impact in practice.

Without forgetting compliance requirements, we always seek to take a pragmatic approach so that employers and pension funds retain a clear overview of how specific regulations, adjustments and changes translate into supplementary pension plans in practice.


3.Long-term collaboration: a focus on continuity and quality

We aim for long-term collaboration with employers and pension funds because we fully believe that this is in the interests of all members of the pension plan. We seek continuity within our teams, who achieve and deliver our services to a high level of quality every day. We have been collaborating with some of our clients for more than 10 years.

We are there for you.

Saskia Defreyne
Deputy Director EB Pension Consultancy

Rob Vandendooren
Business Manager EB Pension Consultancy