Legal services

Alongside our technical actuarial services, we also have a legal team who can assist our clients with all kinds of legal queries relating to supplementary pensions, whether in relation to tax legislation, social security or labor law.

Employers can rely on us for answers to questions in the following areas:

  • Which consultation procedures need to be followed in case of change of the pension plan?
  • What are my obligations as an employer in case of a take-over of a company?
  • Is there a potential risk of discrimination?
  • How is pension capital taxed?

We also ensure that regulations are applied correctly, we keep employers informed of important changes to legislation, and more.

As an employer, you can ask our Pension Consultancy team for answers to both technical actuarial issues and legal questions. This means that you can get specific answers to your queries rapidly and efficiently. This combination makes us a leader in our market.

We are there for you.

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