Multi-employer pension fund

Most of the supplementary pension schemes are managed by an insurer. In addition to this insurance solution, a pension fund can be another interesting option to accommodate the supplementary pension scheme.

Vanbreda has recently founded its own pension fund, Vanbreda PensionFund & Beyond. As a company, you can join our pension fund, which can provide your company with a tailor-made solution for your supplementary pension scheme.

Joining the Vanbreda pension fund can be beneficial for your company in many ways:

  • the contributing companies can benefit from many years of experience with regard to the administrative and actuarial management of supplementary pension schemes in pension funds;
  • we take care of all legal and regulatory obligations that apply to the pension fund;
  • we offer customisation and more flexibility;
  • the contributing companies play a more active role and can take strategic decisions regarding the investment policy;
  • on average, the assets benefit from a better yield allocation;
  • due to the participation of different employers, the operating costs are spread over a range of companies.

With this all-in service package, Vanbreda provides a total solution for the affiliated companies with regard to their supplementary pension scheme.

We are there for you.