Phishing as a service: increase awareness amongst your team

Phishing is very much on the increase. Sometimes phishers are identified at the first click of a button. However, in most cases they are extremely convincing… and employees quickly fall into the trap. The damage ranges from minor issues to gigantic problems costing millions of euros.
Nevertheless, the risk of phishing can be limited with proper insight throughout the organisation, which is why Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has introduced ‘Phishing as a service’ to assist its clients.

Phishing in 2021


Phishing is a type of fraud in which cyber criminals try to get their hands on information, credit card data or pin codes, using falsified e-mails or texts that appear to originate from trusted institutions. Just one click can be enough to precipitate network interruptions, blackmail, theft and/or data breaches.

Fortunately, we are now well aware that we need to be vigilant when we receive messages with spelling mistakes, dated logos and/or unusual layouts. Unfortunately, phishers also know this. They have become ever more professional and inventive in recent years, to the extent that even experts have difficulty identifying it.

And this increased professionalism is paying dividends – at least for phishers.

Two-pronged approach as a weapon against phishing

Most company IT departments impose the necessary security measures. However, the human aspect is not always controllable in the fight against phishers. Awareness can significantly reduce the impact of phishing. This is why Vanbreda Risk & Benefits organises cyber workshops, during which we teach companies and employees how to manage the consequences of phishing.


We also put theory into practice with ‘phishing as a service’. We purposely lure employees into the phishing trap to prevent them from being ‘hooked’ by real hackers. This offers many advantages:

  • Employees become aware of the dangers
  • Reduced risk of phishing
  • Better protection for your organisation
  • Additional protection in terms of data, assets and reputation

Consequently, an educational programme that instils phishing awareness into your employees, turning them into true experts, is a ‘must have’.

How does ‘Phishing as a service’ work?

’Phishing as a service’ is an automated platform in which we provide you with the means to raise awareness within your organisation. You set your own pace, we send e-mails to your staff and capture the data. You then receive extensive analyses and reports on each recipient, job, department or region within your organisation, giving you a greater insight into reactions and responsiveness. This data can subsequently be used to resolve potential problem areas and to inform your workforce about the latest digital risks.

Your broker a hacker?

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits offers solutions to protect businesses from fraud. In doing so we have become aware not only that the number of claims has risen in recent years, but also that the amounts involved are continually increasing.

With ‘Phishing as a service’ we are offering businesses a solution to effectively manage their security policy. It is also the best way to prevent more hefty claims.

Wij zijn er voor u.

Manager Business & Development

Tom Van Britsom