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Belgium's seaports and inland waterways are a crucial link in the international logistics chain. As a company, you often have to sail through turbulent waters. Therefore, in addition to the mandatory occupational accident insurance, a watertight liability policy and a solid prevention policy are real priorities. Vanbreda formulates a comprehensive tailor-made solution, setting a course for the future with you.


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Driven by automation, artificial intelligence and the transition to renewable energy, the port scene is changing faster than ever. For companies, this evolution brings new opportunities - and new risks. We at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits understand this like no one else.

Because as Belgium's largest insurance broker and risk consultant, we have been designing total solutions for companies in Belgian ports since 1937. Besides our robust expertise and knowledge, we always keep a finger on the pulse of the industry for this purpose. For example, every year we publish an expert analysis of workplace accidents in the port of Antwerp - the Port Barometer - and work closely with professional organisations such as CEPA. 

We also distinguish ourselves through a focused health and safety policy. Because the fewer accident claims, the better your risk profile and the safer the work environment for your employees. That pragmatic overall approach pays off: more than 80% of the companies in Belgian ports currently choose Vanbreda Risk & Benefits as their partner. How about you?

More than 80% of the port companies in Belgium are clients of Vanbreda. As a result, we have the broad experience necessary in this rapidly changing world.

All-risk policy

Each business is unique. That is why at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits we always outline a bespoke insurance policy, in close consultation with our client. The result is watertight insurance that covers all risks. Take a look at some of our insurance solutions here or contact us without obligation for more information.


Occupational accidents

With mandatory workplace accident insurance, port workers and white-collar employees can give the best of themselves with an easy mind.

Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnapping, piracy and extortion are a real risk in international waters. A K&R policy pays the ransom demanded up to a certain limit and covers the cost of specialised mediators.

Hull insurance

Does your company send out ships? Hull insurance is the proverbial lifeboat for damage and/or loss of equipment, spare parts on board, supplies and more.

Cargo insurance & Contingency

Loss of or damage to the goods in your cargo hold can ruin your business financially. An appropriate cargo insurance or contingency policy makes all the difference here.


A lot of stakeholders are involved in international transport. Therefore, when things go wrong somewhere, the issue of liability is vital. For shipowners, charterers, shippers, freight forwarders, customs agents and logistics companies, we draw up the appropriate bespoke policy.

Freight, Demurrage & Defence

Our in-house claims team settles claims quickly, efficiently and accurately. All expenses for lawyers and the like are covered by the Freight, Demurrage & Defence policy.

Cyber risks

Each year, more than half of Belgian businesses experienced a cyber attack. The financial impact quickly adds up to tens or hundreds of thousands of euros. Cyber insurance protects you against hackers, cyber fraud and phishing, among other things.

Cyber & fraude

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chains are sensitive to political unrest, strikes and natural disasters, for example. Together with you, our experts analyse the weaknesses and help reduce and - where possible - prevent the risks.


Exchange your conventional fire policy for all-risk insurance. This way you protect your business against all risks of unforeseen damage or loss. For example, fire, storm damage and lightning strikes.

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