Vanbreda Missinne

Since 1954, Vanbreda Missinne has been an established broker in West-Flanders with offices in Kortemark and Nieuwpoort. SMEs, freelancers and private individuals all come to Vanbreda Missinne for customised insurances.

Location: Kortemark and Nieuwpoort
Founded: 1954
Director: Joost Missinne and Jan Missinne
Number of employees: 12
Turnover in 2016: 1,68 million euro
Specialisations: motorsport

What does Vanbreda Missinne have to offer?

By being actively involved with their clients, our insurance experts make all the difference. Our services do not end once we have compiled a customised insurance package. We regularly organise a proactive update of your contracts and, together with you, we will continuously strive to optimise your insurance plans. This is how we guarantee a steady collaboration that focuses on continuity and personalised services.

We insure your sports car ambitions

Vanbreda Missinne has grown out of Belgian motorsport. We work together with a specialist in the British market so that we can make all your sports car ambitions come true:

  • Civil liability insurance for rally cars
  • every possible motor hull insurance package for competing cars (circuit, rally, historics, one-seaters, track days, etc.)
  • personal accidents of pilots, co-pilots and team members
  • insurance for classic cars and luxury cars

Strong in coastal real estate

In 2005, Vanbreda Missinne took over the Assurop office in Nieuwpoort. Besides customised insurances for SMEs and private individuals, this insurance office also offers solutions for the insurance of jointly-owned property, apartment buildings and syndicates.

Strong local base with international vision

Choosing to work with Vanbreda Risk & Benefits means relying on the technical expertise of the market leader in this sector. For us, it means being able to protect your private or business interests even more effectively than before. Alongside this, we are continuing to expand our range of products, thereby enabling us to meet the specific requirements set out in your insurance file even more efficiently. From its strong local base in West-Flanders, Vanbreda Missinne has developed into an established name in the region. We have good purchasing power and access to all key players in the Belgian insurance market. We provide solutions for clients engaged in international operations through EOS RISQ and Lockton Global, the international partners of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.

Our team breaks new ground to provide you, the client, with a stable business relationship where continuity and personal service are of key importance

We are there for you.

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