Directors and VIPs

As an executive, director, business manager or member of the board, you are faced with ever-increasing risks in the day-to-day management of your company. Stricter rules on corporate governance and the evolution of case law (e.g. claims for tax fraud, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.) indicate a need for additional protection. A director's liability policy protects both your reputation and your private life.

Do not risk your reputation

As an executive, you should not underestimate professional indemnity and director’s liability. You probably adhere closely to corporate governance, but what if a financial scandal were to put your reputation as an executive at risk? You could be held personally liable to pay all costs.

For disputes with your competitors, government bodies, owners, tenants, neighbours and/or current or former employees, you can fall back on a legal aid policy.

And for all your legal questions related to your private life, you can call on our free VIP advice hotline. We also offer a Management Company Protector policy to cover all your liability risks at once.

Insure your results with a director's insurance

What if you cannot run your company any more: no work, no income and ultimately no company? A director’s insurance insures your results and provides financial assistance in the case you are unable to work. Your company would also receive remuneration to bridge the search for a new company director should you pass away.

Moreover, the premiums are naturally deductible as operating expenses. Your company is usually both policyholder and beneficiary, and therefore the remuneration will be paid to your company, unless a supplementary agreement states that certain amounts should be transferred to other persons, such as your partner and/or other heirs.

Absolute discretion for your private account

Your private account is handled by a separate department, which guarantees you complete discretion. You can be assured that your personal policies are kept separate from your business policies.

Furthermore, our specialists will also utilise the value of your business portfolio to secure better conditions for your private account from insurers.

Solutions tailored to your private life

Managing your private account demands more than a standard approach.

We can provide you with the following solutions and guarantees:

  • liability protection: in addition to the normal family policies, we provide numerous add-ons for horse riding, hunting , etc.
    We pay close attention to the compulsory insurance for occupational accidents for your domestic staff.
  • vehicle cover: in addition to extensive licence to underwrite your vehicles, we subscribe service level agreements with specialised niche insurers for exclusive models and classic cars.
  • asset protection: you can choose a very flexible insurance solution for every specific need (such as the estimation of the insured value of your property or properties, easy underwriting of foreign risks with Belgian insurers, personalised claims management, insurance for art and personal collections, an extensive wine collection or rare jewelry, etc.).
  • standard of living protection: in order to protect your health, we collaborate with the best hospitalisation insurance companies. In the event of your death, we will help protect the standard of living of your family, by providing complete cover for credit payments and limiting inheritance tax. You can also build up a supplementary pension under tax-friendly conditions through an individual pension commitment.
  • leisure-time protection: it is essential to have the most comprehensive travel insurance for your trips abroad, with above-average intervention limits and supplementary liability cover. Our accident insurance is adapted to your lifestyle: exclusive sports such as hang gliding, mountaineering, motorcycling – which is commonly excluded – and other activities that are often uninsured are all included in the cover.

We are there for you.