Private collections

To protect your valuables or your private collection, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits offers you a policy based on the ‘all-risk principle’. Not only do we offer comprehensive solutions for your art and antiques, but the range also includes a number of customised products for unique collections such as wine cellars, books, musical instruments or vintage cars.

Exclusive approach for EU officials

The choice is yours:

  • either you draw up your own list of your valuable items and determine the value you would like to insure yourself;
  • or you can make use of a free estimate for up to 15 items provided by a recognised and independent art expert.

In both cases, we accept this value, which will not be discussed in the event of a claim. In the event of total loss, you always recover the full amount agreed.

Determine the value of your collection

Complete the online request form and send it back to us with a brief list and description of the items:

  • nature and/or material of item (e.g. carpet, painting, etching, wood, stone, silver, drawing, sculpture, antique, porcelain, crystal, etc.);
  • brief description or title of work of art;
  • name of the artist (if relevant);
  • the value you attribute to it: you can reason upon the original value, an attested value or the value you attach to the item yourself.

On the basis of the list drawn up and filled in by you, we send you the policy at the agreed price.

Why take out art insurance through Vanbreda?

Unique and exclusive product for employees of European institutions residing in Belgium

  • Simple valuation;
  • Agreed value: no discussion afterwards;
  • No excess;
  • Worldwide cover;
  • All-risk insurance including theft, loss and breakage;
  • Free estimate for up to 15 items.