As the director of an SME, you have a lot on your mind: setting out the course of your company, managing your staff and maintaining contacts with your clients and suppliers. Insurance matters are therefore not at the top of your to-do list. That is why you can leave managing your risks to us while you focus on your company.

We specialise in your business activity

Every SME has its own risks. In order to understand your business, it is extremely important that both your account manager and your client and claims manager at Vanbreda have a thorough understanding of your company. After all, serious fire damage in a warehouse demands a different approach than a recall at a food company.

Our staff not only specialises in a certain area of insurance (Liability, Car & Fleet and Property), they also focus on specific business operations (including transport, fleet, food, construction and property). This enables them to provide specific advice on your insurance portfolio.

Every claim is different

You want to see all claims resolved as quickly as possible. This is why we take a different approach to each claim. We will provide convenient statistics for claims that occur frequently, enabling you as risk manager to know where you need to focus and which preventive action you can take. We will also draw up the claims procedures together and you can choose how you want to receive the reports.

Our claims adjusters take pride in their personal approach: they have a proactive role and often accompany you during an inventory visit.

Maintain an overview

Naturally, you will want to maintain an overview. Via VanbredaConnect, you can find all your policies in one place, submit your claims online and obtain an up-to-date overview of your claims managed by Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. You can also refine your statistics with specific parameters or report codes (such as business entities, type of damage, location/cost centre, day of the week, shift, etc.).

Purchasing power results in competitive premiums

Every day more and more companies are opting for Vanbreda. Our substantial purchasing power with insurers, our thorough knowledge and our independent negotiating position ensure that you can count on competitive premiums and comprehensive cover.

Your Employee Benefits package makes the difference

Your company wants to stand out in the market in order to attract the best workforce. One way to do this is by offering your employees a pension scheme or hospitalisation insurance. Just like a company car or luncheon vouchers, these Employee Benefits are a non-statutory bonus. Make an appointment with our specialists, who will be happy to draw up an Employee Benefits package for you.

We are there for you.

Pascal Joosten
Director Risk and Broker Services