‘Multidimensional business management requires sustainable insurance solutions’

Fried Vancraen

CEO of Materialise

Materialise has been developing innovative applications for the medical and industrial sectors for the past 25 years. This Leuven-based technology company with more than 900 employees and a turnover of 63 million euros has grown to become the market leader in 3D printing.

Materialise’s reputation in the medical sector is as solid as a rock. The company made headline news through its support of the surgeons who performed the first Belgian facial transplant. Materialise provided 3D surgical planning and patient-specific instrumentation for the operation.

‘I run my company not to optimise profits, but to make the world a better and healthier place using our products,’ says CEO Fried Vancraen. ‘It’s only possible to manage your business multidimensionally if you can rely on sustainable insurance solutions.’

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits identified Materialise’s risks and worked out an insurance package (for hospitalisation, occupational accidents, pensions and cars) for the company’s internationally active employees.