‘Vanbreda translates insurance jargon into everyday language for our doctors’

The Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) has been counting on Vanbreda for the past 30 years. ‘You were already a well-known name in the non-profit sector,’ explain Hildegard Hermans (HR Director) and Ilse Hellemans (Head of Payroll and Group Insurance). ‘This instils confidence that you have knowledge of the sector and this trust has never been called into question.’

UZA opened its doors in 1979. Today, the hospital employs around 2,800 doctors, nurses, paramedics and support staff. ‘A few years ago, our hospitalisation insurance was dealt with directly with the insurer, but now everything is done through Vanbreda. We’re receiving a lot more service for the same price.’

Almost all the doctors affiliated with UZA are in salaried employment. ‘Doctors aren’t the kind of people who spend time sifting through their employee benefits. They’re focused on their profession and on following their passion, not on deciphering terms and conditions. Vanbreda translates insurance jargon into everyday language for them.

We also had a large number of simulations carried out in order to refine the pension component of our group insurance. Regardless of their type of appointment, we’re able to offer all our doctors the same pension scheme. And this is something quite unique.’

With the exception of the medical liability of doctors, Vanbreda manages UZA’s entire insurance portfolio, including putting in place all of the property policies for the new maternity centre, which was opened by Queen Mathilde in April 2015. ‘Vanbreda’s professionalism is beyond question,’ say the pair. ‘Which doesn’t mean to say we’re going to take our finger off the pulse.’