‘The broker's interests are secondary’

Stefaan Boom

Head of Pensions and Insured Benefits at BNP Paribas Fortis

‘Initially Vanbreda helped us with a number of insurance tenders, both in the area of occupational accidents and in consolidating an old pension benefits portfolio,’ explains Stefaan Boom of the major bank BNP Paribas Fortis. ‘We also needed a solution for the acquisition of a historical scheme for reimbursements of medical expenses. Tailor-made regulations were promptly drawn up, as was a properly functioning Service Level Agreement.’

Two years on, BNP Paribas Fortis can look back on a successful migration. ‘But we can also rely on Vanbreda’s expertise for training and internal or external surveys.’

Stefaan Boom believes this expertise, together with professionalism and sector knowledge, to be Vanbreda’s greatest strengths. ‘The enthusiasm of your staff is really striking. It’s quickly apparent that you approach concrete cases in a very objective and independent way in search of solutions that best suit our company. There is always an atmosphere of trust, in which the broker’s interests are secondary.’

Stefaan Boom believes that Vanbreda always looks for the ideal solution. ‘In certain sensitive cases, we even had to apply the brakes to ensure that historical relations with insurers were kept intact. Continuous consultation, however, also ensured the right balance was maintained between the best price/quality ratio and a good relationship of trust with our insurers.’

Anyone with questions about an Employee Benefits scheme can certainly turn to Vanbreda, according to Stefaan Boom. ‘Vanbreda is perfectly capable of managing historical benefit schemes for hospitalisation or incapacity for work. You can sense the extensive experience in this field based on numerous projects for other large enterprises.’