Our Sustainability partnerships

We enjoy putting our partners in the spotlight! Because they are committed to our society every day, and we would like to support them in this. Find out which organisations we are currently working together with. They are in alphabetical order.


Bednet offers synchronous Internet education (SIO). The organisation is committed to helping children who are unable to attend school due to an illness so that they can attend classes remotely.

More info: bednet.be


Boost is an initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation. The programme focusses on talented and motivated young people from vulnerable socio-economic circles. Boost aims to give these young people the best possible chances of success in their higher education, and helps them to smoothly move onto the job market. The focus is on their education and a first job, but also on their personal development. 

More info: boostfortalents.be

Caritas Hulpbetoon

With the Caritas Hulpbetoon non-profit organisation, Caritas Vlaanderen provides financial support for vulnerable people in search of a better future.

More info: caritasvlaanderen.be

Cliniclowns Belgium

Cliniclowns Belgium has been sending professional clowns to sick and/or disabled children for over twenty years to offer them some distraction and fun. The organisation is dedicated to bringing a smile to every face.

More info: cliniclowns.be

De Roma

De Roma is an arts centre in Borgerhout, Antwerp. The former cinema serves as a multifunctional hall for theatre, concerts, cinema and socio-cultural activities.

More info: deroma.be

Fondation Charcot Stichting

The Fondation Charcot Stichting (Charcot Foundation) supports fundamental and clinical research into Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with the aim of improving the treatment.

 More info: fondation-charcot.org

Fonds GavoorGeluk

The Fonds GavoorGeluk (GoforHappiness Fund) aims to help prevent depression and suicide in Flanders, and to contribute to more happiness in society in this way. The Fund draws attention to people with growing pains, primarily young people, by making them more resilient.

More info: gavoorgeluk.be


Joy for kids: give a poor child a better future

Joy for Kids helps children in developing countries to go to school, giving poor children a future in this way.

More info: joyforkids.be

Kinderarmoedefonds (Child Poverty Fund)

The Child Poverty Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, fights against the exclusion of underprivileged children and their families. Their focus is on families with young children (0 – 3 years of age), ensuring that they have more opportunities from early in life, supporting their parents, and ensuring that their families are not excluded.

More info: kinderarmoedefonds.be


Lucia provides urgent emergency financial aid to families with young children, and to pregnant women living in extreme poverty in Belgium. They mainly focus on the poorest families, who are unable to provide for even the basic necessities of their children (up to the age of 12).

More info: luciaweb.be

Medical scientific research in KU Leuven and UZA

Support for various projects, such as fundamental and clinical research in the fields of neurodegeneration and oncology at the KU Leuven, and immuno-technology for the fight against cancer at the UZA Campus.

More info: uzleuven.be and uza.be


Monnikenheide-Spectrum aims to excel in the friendly and professional provision of services to people with an intellectual disability and their families through various programmes relating to living, working, sports, relaxation, etc.

More info: monnikenheide-spectrum.be


Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs)

Support for the ‘Enfants de la Rue’ (Street Children) project of Ondernemers voor Ondernemers, in collaboration with Louvain Coopération. Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (OVO) aims to contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship by means of socio-economic business projects and initiatives. The main focus is thereby on knowledge sharing and financing possibilities. OVO is the link between Belgian companies and entrepreneurs on the one hand, and local business initiatives in Africa and selected developing countries on the other.

More info: ondernemersvoorondernemers.be and louvaincooperation.org


Rotonde provides residential support, day care and individual support at various locations in Brasschaat, Kapellen, Stabroek, Antwerp and Schoten.

More info: rotonde.eu

Special Olympics

Special Olympics aims to promote the social integration of persons with an intellectual disability through sport.

More info: special-olympics.be

Stichting Hubi & Vinciane

The Hubi & Vinciane Foundation is an organisation of volunteers in Belgium and local employees in Benin. The organisation realises sustainable progress with ethically responsible projects for a more dignified and better life for the people in the Borgou-Parakou region of Benin. In this way, the Foundation aims to make the dream of Hubi Adriaens and Vinciane Van Assche come true.

More info: hubi-vinciane.be

Pelicano Foundation

The Pelicano Foundation fights against child poverty in Belgium. Every child in our country is entitled to the same opportunities: enough to eat, healthy living conditions, proper education and meaningful leisure activities.

More info: pelicano.be


TEJO provides low threshold, short-term, immediate and anonymous free therapeutic care to young people in Flanders between the ages of 10 and 20.

More info: tejo.be

Teach for Belgium

Teach for Belgium focuses on reducing educational inequalities by training recent graduates and professionals to become inspiring teachers in subjects where there is a shortage of teachers (mathematics, science, French, Dutch) for the benefit of students in the most disadvantaged schools, and this in collaboration with the actors of the educational world.

More info: teachforbelgium.org


Time4Society facilitates the voluntary deployment of groups of people from various companies to other organisations with a social, cultural or ecological added value.

More info: time4society.com

YouthStart Belgium

YouthStart builds up the self-confidence of underprivileged young people and offers them opportunities to realise their ambitions.

More info: youthstart.be



ZorgParking (parking spaces for healthcare staff) is an initiative of the SEL Amberes non-profit organisation, with the support of the city of Antwerp and the Antwerp Public Social Welfare system (OCMW). Thanks to this initiative, doctors, nurses and other care providers who provide care at home can park their cars in a ZorgParking space near their patients’ home.

More info: Zorgparking.be

More info?

Contact Isabelle Hoes if you would like to learn more about our Sustainability policy via duurzaam@vanbreda.be.