With VanbredaConnect, you can easily manage your corporate insurance policies and claims online, wherever you are. Convenient, secure and free.

Employers can use this tool online.

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Consult your insurance policies and claims online

You don’t have to track all your various files and claims yourself. You can find all information in one place.

Exchange Documents Easily in a Safe Environment

Would you like to submit or receive new documents? You can do this digitally in our well-protected environment.

Make a claim

Would you like to report an accident or damage? With VanbredaConnect, you can do this online, wherever and whenever you want to.

Follow-up on a Claim

The latest news on your ongoing claim is displayed on your timeline. So that you always have the latest information.

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Toch nog een vraag of bezorgdheid? U vindt steeds de rechtstreekse contactgegevens van uw Vanbreda-expert terug op ieder scherm.

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