A unique art collection deserves a unique policy

You acquire each art object with passion and lavish all the necessary care on it. Art insurance helps you enjoy your collection to the fullest, without worrying about loss, theft or other kinds of damage. As a collector, you look for assistance tailored to your collection and actions, whether it is a private collection or a corporate or museum collection. Every art collection is unique, and so are our policies.


Specialised art department

International art insurance network

Customised policies

Help with collection management

Art insurance tailored to your collection

A customised policy gives your collection the best possible protection. Our team of experts at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits works together with specialised art insurers around the world.

Benefit from our expertise, international advantages and our extensive network of brokers and specialists. A policy with our own clauses guarantees the best insurance for your valuable art collection.

International brokerage network

Through Lockton Global, our international brokerage network, we also have access to the US and UK insurance market, among others.

Policies tailored to your art collection

Our extensive and solid network of brokers allows us to offer bespoke policies. Our experts offer insurance that responds perfectly to the risks of your collection. Those policies are not only for collectors, but also for galleries, museums and artists.

Insurance for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs)

Our team works together with Wealth Secure, the department within our firm that specialises in private insurance for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). Insuring large financial wealth requires high-level expertise and guidance. Our advisers will assist you in risk management and offer the right insurance solutions.

End-to-end collection management solutions

Finally, through our network we provide end-to-end solutions for managing your collection, including:

  • Tax and legal advice

  • Storage of works of art

  • Restoration

Insurance: an art in itself

An active management of your art collection increases the risk of damage or loss. Hanging up a painting, lending a sculpture to a museum or transporting an entire collection to an exhibition site involves risks such as:

  • Damage during transport

  • Fire or water damage

  • Vandalism or theft

  • Accidental damage

  • Damage during handling

In consultation with a number of specialist art insurers, we have developed four policies that always start from coverage against all risks. This covers every cause of loss, theft or damage, except in case of intent or negligence.

Collection policy


Private, corporate and museums


  • Inventoried art objects and collectibles

  • Jewellery and clocks

  • Non-inventoried objects, insured on better terms than as contents under fire insurance

Home policy




  • Art objects

  • Damage to contents and home

Exhibition policy


Museums and private initiatives


  • Risks during exhibitions

  • Damage during transport

  • Risks during installation and dismantling

Trade policy


Art dealers, auction houses, gallery owners


  • Storage of art objects

  • Damage during transport

  • Risks during exhibitions


Emotional value of art

Art is something you experience, it stimulates your senses and your emotions. Therefore, besides economic value, an art object also has sentimental significance. The insurer and the insured agree on an ‘agreed value’ that best approximates the total value of that particular work of art or that collection. 

  • Works of art are insured in all policies at their ‘agreed value’ in the event of total loss. In case of disappearance or theft you will be paid the agreed compensation that includes both the economic and emotional value.

  • With restoration, each policy covers both the restoration costs and the loss of value of your art object.

  • After receiving your compensation, you will once again enjoy your restored work or have enough capital to purchase a work of equal value.

In addition to financial compensation for damage or loss, the insurer takes care of various other costs, such as:

  • Expert’s fees to determine the insured value and the loss amount

  • Temporary storage costs 

  • Travel allowances

  • Costs in the event of damage to the home due to damage or loss of an insured work of art.

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