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As an IT company, you face increasingly complex challenges with equally complex software and hardware. In addition, the interconnectivity between your organisation, customers and external ICT consultants, among others, is increasing strongly. This evolution makes liability more than ever the weak point of IT companies. That is why at Vanbreda we are happy to help you design a 360° insurance policy tailored to companies with a heart for technology, communications and electronics.


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Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, GDPR, outsourcing, consolidations: the technology, legislation and the industry itself are evolving at lightning speed. As a direct result, insurance policies of IT companies are often outdated or inadequate. Something companies unfortunately only notice when a claim arises. 

As Belgium’s largest insurance broker and risk consultant, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has been helping companies since 1937 with everything from prevention to bespoke insurance and quick settlement of claims. Moreover, we were one of the first to include cyber risks in our product range. In short, our watertight policies offer multiple benefits for IT companies, including:

  • You have a strategy to assess, manage and limit risks.

  • You guarantee your company’s business continuity.

  • You protect your organisation against legal claims.

  • You enjoy commercial advantage when closing new deals.

  • You can more easily attract and retain the right IT profiles.

You anticipate potential external claims in acquisitions or consolidations.

Specific to the ICT sector, it is not always easy to distinguish between a liability case or cyber damage. Vanbreda can perfectly assist you with this.

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Although we obviously don’t want this to happen to you, sometimes things can go wrong. For example, an error gets into the code, a software update disrupts your client’s workflow, or hackers take your systems down in a deadly cyber attack. In such cases, your company can be held liable for the financial impact incurred. Find out here which insurance policies you can personalise at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits; or contact us for more info.


Professional liability

Insure your organisation against damages of a contractual nature with professional third-party liability insurance. That way, you give both yourself and your employees the peace of mind they need to give their best.

Third-party Liability Operation/​After Delivery

Extend your liability insurance to include third-party liability operation and after delivery. In this way, your business is covered against damage caused to third parties during the operation of your business and/or by delivery of items.

Cyber risks

Even the best possible protection does not completely exclude the risk of an external cyber attack or cyber incident due to human error. A cyber policy for businesses covers financial losses resulting from a cyber incident and provides personalised assistance.

Cyber & fraude

Director’s liability insurance

Several international cases have shown that directors can be held personally liable if, for example, a data breach or cyber crime is a direct result of poor management.

Phishing as a Service

Preventively identify weaknesses in your cyber security to avoid major damage.

Employee Benefits

Fringe benefits play an important part in the war for talent. We advise and assist IT professionals in preparing a correct and market-based Employee Benefits package. Here we look at mandatory insurance policies such as occupational accident insurance, and attractive perks such as pension funds and bonus plan linked to your targets.

Company car insurance

Company cars offer attractive fringe benefits for both employers and employees. In this respect it is of course important that your fleet policy also runs smoothly. Besides the mandatory third-party liability insurance, we analyse which strategic comprehensive insurance offers the best solution for your organisation.

All risk insurance

For IT companies in particular, the loss of laptops, computers or other electronic equipment means financial loss. You should therefore supplement your fire insurance with optional All Risk insurance for both loose and fixed electronics.

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