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Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has a strong reputation in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, hospital networks and other healthcare groups and their umbrella organisations have relied on us for their insurance, risk management and employee benefits for many years.


A niche approach with a dedicated team for the healthcare sector

Years of experience and expertise

Extensive client portfolio

Monitoring of legislative framework

Policy conditions and detailed clauses tailored to the sector

In-house claims management team for medical liability cases

Database with unique reporting system for benchmarking against peers

Our expertise in the healthcare sector

Vanbreda is a consultant and broker for hospitals, hospital networks and other healthcare groups and their umbrella organisations. We have a well-established position in the industry thanks to our extensive client portfolio and the special knowledge and commitment to the client and the sector as a whole. Where necessary, we assist with public procurement.

We specialise in the insurance of liability (both for hospitals and groups of liberal professionals within the medical profession), legal assistance, cyber and occupational accidents.

Extensive expertise in the sector

Close partnership

We work closely with management teams, boards of directors, medical boards and other bodies within the healthcare industry. Our personal approach creates a close partnership with our clients.

Tailor-made insurance solutions

We take the time to listen and to fully understand and identify the needs of your organisation. We work together with you to find the best insurance solutions and create customised policy terms and clauses that perfectly fit the needs of the organisation.

In-house claims management team for medical liability cases

Our in-house liability claims department guides, analyses and advises on claims. We review the nature, frequency and severity of claims and formulate preventive measures where appropriate. With this information, we strengthen our negotiating position with the insurer.

Unique reporting system

A unique reporting system allows us to benchmark hospitals and medical boards against peers. Not only is this information extremely valuable and interesting to the organisation, it also inspires our product managers to develop new insurance solutions and fine-tune existing products.

Independent advice

Vanbreda holds an independent position in the insurance market. As a broker and risk consultant, we know all the insurers. This enables us to negotiate the best terms.

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Let us give you peace of mind!

Vanbreda is both a broker and a risk consultant. We develop specialised insurance solutions for the healthcare sector and use our expertise to work out innovative solutions. Our insurance solutions are shaped entirely by this expertise and our broad view of the market.

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