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As an entrepreneur in the retail sector, you face a host of unique challenges and risks. Damage to your store from fire or flooding quickly makes the cost run up. In the process, there is a risk that customers become injured and you are temporarily “out of business”. In addition to physical, material and financial damage, your business is also vulnerable to cyber fraud. Protect your business against a variety of risks with customised policies, even if you are a franchisee.


Extensive experience in the retail sector

Collective policies: high quality at competitive rates

Insurance package tailored to your business, even as a franchisee

High client engagement


Peace of mind at the most competitive rates

As a business owner, you know perfectly well how to provide the best service to your customers. But do you also know how best to protect your company against potential harm? Maximise insurance covers and get the best premiums through the right advice and proper guidance. 

At Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, we have been exploring insurance solutions for the retail and franchise sector for decades.

Our strengths

Extensive expertise in the retail sector

Thanks to our extensive client portfolio and years of expertise in the retail sector, we are familiar with all the possible risks and challenges. We identify these clearly for each company. 

International network of insurance partners

Our extensive network of national and international insurance partners enables us to look after your company’s interests worldwide. 

Policies at competitive rates

Vanbreda’s strong market position allows us to create collective policies of particularly high quality at competitive rates. In addition, we can tailor clauses for each company to complement coverage. 

Rapid response in case of damage

Clients always come first and we make every effort to advise and assist them quickly and adequately. Our client engagement is second to none. 

So, thanks to our extensive client portfolio and our global brokerage network, you get extremely competitive prices through collective policies on the one hand, and customisation where needed on the other.

Multiple risks, unique solutions

Je onderneming is constant in beweging en dat doet je verzekeringsbehoeften regelmatig veranderen. Je persoonlijke accountmanager begeleidt je in je zoektocht naar de juiste verzekeringsoplossingen. Ook overlopen jullie samen geregeld je verzekeringsdossier om het waar nodig aan te passen.

Our solutions

Fire Insurance

Protect your building and your goods. As a retailer, you are to a large extent dependent on your building and your goods. Protect them against damage from fire, explosion, natural disaster or any other type of damage with fire insurance. When damage occurs, the financial cost often runs high; with the right insurance, you can limit those losses.

Loss of profits insurance

A fateful event halts your company’s operations for a certain length of time and that quickly results in major financial losses. Proper coverage of those business losses with a sufficiently long pay-out period provides relief.

Liability insurance

Customers visiting your business premises may become injured by an unforeseen event. But your employees, too, can inadvertently cause damage to third parties in the course of their work. Insure yourself and your business against liability risks with a policy tailored to your organisation.

Fraud Insurance & Cyber Insurance

Protect your business against fraud and cyber crime. Your business may also suffer losses due to other circumstances such as theft, fraud and cyber crime

Fraud insurance protects your company against financial damage resulting from fraud committed by third parties or by your own staff. This includes theft, embezzlement, forgery and other acts that cause intentional damage to your business.

Cyber security is a major concern for any business. Cyber insurance provides cover in the event of a data leak, cyber attack, GDPR breach or any other type of cyber crime. You can also count on immediate assistance in the event of phishing or hacking.

Customised insurance

Finally, every company has its specific challenges. Our experts will closely examine your business together with you in order to create an insurance package that perfectly addresses your organisation’s risks. Besides attractive premiums, you also benefit from exclusive extensions to your policies.

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Want to talk about your retail portfolio? Gladly!

Our experts are ready to work out an insurance package for you and your company tailored to your business or franchise.

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