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Sustainable @ Vanbreda: investing in the future

At Vanbreda, we firmly believe that we can ensure each other’s future by investing in our society and in our planet. Our approach is based on three pillars: People, Environment and Society. In line with our corporate values, we are continuously building our sustainability policy for a better future for every individual.

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Our three pillars

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility has been a conscious choice for Vanbreda Risk & Benefits for many years. The world of insurance is already essentially built on solidarity and providence, but our social responsibility extends beyond this core business. Together, we want to make a greater positive impact on everyone’s future.

For years now we have invested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with People, Environment and Society as the three pillars. This enables us to make impactful efforts.

In order to offer every person an equal opportunity, regardless of their origin, age, social status, financial situation or level of education, we make it a priority to support social organisations that contribute to a better future for people and the planet.

At Vanbreda we never sit still. Year after year, we remain committed to a more sustainable world as a partner, as an employer and as part of society.

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We care about every individual and about equal opportunities. Our commitment to a better future for people, society and the environment is in the DNA of our company and our employees.
Els Van Hoeck • Director Human Resources


The physical well-being and mental health of our employees determine their drive, commitment and motivation and therefore also our success as a company as a whole. That is why we think it’s very important to engage with our people in different ways.

Well-being & health

We are building a healthy and high-quality work environment where employees feel good. Besides the work environment, a healthy work-life balance is important too, as are ergonomic analyses of the workplace, preventive medical examinations, annual flu vaccinations and great sports activities.

Training & growth

We encourage our employees to achieve their full potential by investing in training and mentoring. Through their personal development, the company grows as well. We offer training and growth opportunities through our Careercompass, the Vanbreda Academy, in constructive performance reviews and follow-up interviews, etc.


Each year, we organise numerous events to foster a comradely atmosphere and pleasant relations among staff. We work together like a well-oiled machine by letting off some steam now and then with such events as a surprise reception and quiz, as well as an annual team activity for each department.

Business ethics

A partnership is based on mutual respect. As an organisation, we therefore set forth a set of values and rules of conduct that serve as the basis for any collaboration. For example, specific agreements regarding confidential information apply and we take great care to ensure that everyone’s privacy is respected.

Diversity and inclusion

We offer equal opportunities to all current and prospective employees and encourage each of them to develop themselves, make a positive contribution and strengthen each other. We are continuously working on an open corporate culture where everyone can count on respect, sympathy, involvement and appreciation.


As a company, we are aware of our impact on the environment and on the climate. That is why we critically screen all our activities and processes to reduce our environmental impact and pursue a green corporate policy every single day.

Green choices

At Vanbreda, we go for green. We pursue an integrated green policy. The head office has a green roof, a green façade, 100% green electricity in our offices, optimal waste management and a company fleet of exclusively electric and plug-in hybrid cars. We also encourage our suppliers to use environmentally responsible products as much as possible.


We also invest extensively in alternatives to the car. Employees are reimbursed for their public transport costs, and we encourage them to come to work by bicycle by offering a bicycle allowance.


As a digital pioneer, we are fully committed to digitisation for our clients and our employees, which has significantly reduced our print volume at the office.


Every person, regardless of origin, social status, age, financial situation or level of education, is entitled to equal opportunities. We support social organisations that make a contribution to society, but we do our bit as well.


We have a structural partnership with certain social organisations to increase our social impact. With the help of these organisations, we support young people from socio-economically vulnerable backgrounds and neurodivergent individuals who can use a boost.


Each year, we as a company also organise volunteering activities that employees can sign up for. In addition, our employees set up their own campaigns to raise money for charity.

Our impact

Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits put our weight behind various actions that have an impact. We continue to take action every year. 

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