Environmental damage

Environmental insurance for SMEs and multinationals

Every business would do well to protect itself against environmental risks. Even companies whose activities are not environmentally damaging also benefit from environmental insurance. A customised policy provides the right cover for this.


Decades of expertise

Specialised environmental damage department

Customised policies

Strong negotiating position with European environmental insurers

International policies

Insurance tailored to your company

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has assisted SMEs and multinationals in their search for the optimal solution to environmental problems for more than 15 years now. That solution is flexible, affordable and tailored to the specific risks within the company.

Our strengths

Policies with specific clauses

With a customised policy, you protect your business against a wide range of situations that carry severe financial consequences. An expert identifies the risks specific to your business, gives advice and drafts policies with specific clauses.

If your construction, textile or haulage company, or any other type of industry runs particular risks, our brokers will include them in the policy.

→ Specially developed policy for construction companies

For construction companies there is a specially developed “Contractors Pollution Liability” insurance policy that covers environmental risks during construction work.

Expertise in various risks

Our experts closely monitor market trends and remain in close consultation with brokers offering environmental insurance. Thanks to our extensive client portfolio, we have a good knowledge of existing risks.

Global network of insurance partners

As a member of the international partnership Lockton Global we guarantee the same service and coverage worldwide which also makes us the perfect partner for multinationals.

Key benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage for all environmental risks tailored to your business
  • Insured amounts of up to 10 million euros per insurer
  • Excess tailored to your business needs
  • Possibility of multi-year policies
  • Competitive premiums

Safeguard the continuity of your business

Growing public awareness and stricter environmental laws means that companies are increasingly liable for environmental damage. Traditional policies do not address all risks:

  • A fire policy covers to some extent certain clean-up costs after a fire.

  • A corporate liability policy only covers accidental environmental damage to third parties.

A company can damage the environment in many ways. A storage tank rupture, an accident with hazardous goods, air pollution and water contamination are some of the obvious risks.

The solution

Environmental liability insurance

Environmental liability insurance covers all consequences of environmental damage, both on the company’s own grounds and at the locations where the company operates. You insure the company against:

  • Pollution of the company’s own grounds

  • Liability for environmental damage to third parties

  • Remediation costs

  • Defence costs in legal proceedings

  • Damage to biodiversity.

Protect your business against financial risk from environmental damage and secure it with the right insurance. Our experts will be happy to review your insurance portfolio and propose a solution tailored to your business.

Our team is at your service. How can we be of assistance to your company?

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