Credit insurance

Keep your business financially sound and protect it against non-payment with the right credit insurance

Any business will be confronted with non-payment sooner or later. Moreover, an unforeseen risk such as fraud can also cause substantial damage to your business. Fortunately, new insurance methods are making credit insurance policies increasingly attractive. Protect yourself and your business against non-payment, loss and other credit risks with customised credit insurance.


Access to global network of credit brokers through ICBA

Strong position thanks to Vanbreda Credinco’s position in the market

Customised policies

Proven track record with insured and insurers

Reduce credit risks for your company on a global level

In a world where new opportunities are often accompanied by major financial uncertainties, you will be looking for a way to limit your company’s credit risks. For that, you can count on Vanbreda Risk & Benefits:

Vanbreda Credinco, the centre of expertise in credit insurance, has been specialising in credit insurance, factoring, debtor management and surety since 1997. In 2012, we joined forces with the experts of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, which has been active for decades in risk management and creating customised insurance solutions.

Our strengths

Guidance from A to Z

Maximum and proactive guidance in credit risk management. Benefit from an all-in service tailored to your business.

Up-to-date market research

Our experts continuously examine and compare the various insurance policies on the market. Based on extensive market research, we draft policies that best suit your company’s needs and give advice on necessary policy updates in a timely manner.

International network of credit insurers and factoring companies

We rely on a solid and extensive network of credit insurers and factoring companies in Belgium and abroad. This allows us to formulate policies at extremely competitive prices and on the best terms.

Long-term collaboration with ICBA, International Credit Broker Alliance

ICBA is the third largest independent credit insurance brokerage team in the world. That worldwide expertise at the local level allows you to do business with certainty and confidence.

  • An international team of more than 900 specialist brokers with offices in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania

  • 1 team that looks after your interests around the world

  • Offers a global service, delivered locally by specialised broker partners

  • Helps clients make informed business decisions

Why is credit insurance essential for your business?

Credit insurance lets you safely grow your company’s revenue. Access to sufficient funds contributes to the further growth of your business. Prompt financing in the event of non-payment is of crucial importance in this respect. 

  • Cover yourself and your business against non-payment

  • Get a clear idea of the quality of your customer base

  • Keep your business financially stable

  • Reduce the risk of bankruptcy and financial disaster

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Our solutions

Vanbreda Credinco is the competence centre for credit risk in the Benelux area. We specialise in credit insurance, factoring and surety for medium-sized and large companies and multinationals.

Credit Insurance

The credit insurance market is no longer so traditional. New insurers are putting pressure on the insurance market by offering new products. As a result, intermediaries are increasingly offering tailor-made policies that create new opportunities for businesses.

Global revenue policy

Covers every potential loss and non-payment

Key buyer policy

Insures selective customers

Single Risk or Single Buyer policy

Insures one single transaction or customer

Top-up policy

Takes a 2nd insurer on top of the first in case of insufficient cover

Excess loss

Customised solution developed to insure disasters


Insures B2B sales through online shop


Insures non-payment on lease contracts


Spreads insurance of risks over two insurers

Non-cancellable limits

Cover with non-cancellable limits for one year

Those innovations respond very much to the demand in the business world and provide more opportunities for companies, making credit insurance more popular.


In factoring, a company sells its outstanding invoices to a third party: the factor. This offers the client three basic services.

The factor:

  • Takes care of all administration and invoicing.

  • Pays advances on outstanding invoices.

  • Pays outstanding invoices if the end customer defaults.

That way, the full risk is transferred to the factor, and that makes Factoring particularly interesting. Your company does not have to wait endlessly for payment for a delivered product or service, and so has budget readily available for use.


With a surety bond, you give your customers the assurance that your company will meet all its contractual obligations. 

  • By casting the surety in an insurance mould, you no longer have to ask the bank to stand surety. That way, you also secure your bank finance lines. 

  • Furthermore, our experts also advise your company on surety documents that customers present to your company for signature. With good information and guidance, you can limit the financial risks.

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Protect your business against non-payment. Consult with us!

Our experts are ready to insure your business against non-payment. Thanks to proactive screening of your customers, you can do business with an easy mind. We make every effort to safeguard your company’s financial security.

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