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The fleet policy that gets you started

You like to keep your business running smoothly, and your vehicle fleet perhaps even more so. Whether you are managing your company’s cars or sending lorries all over Europe: you best protect yourself with a safe and comprehensive risk management plan for your vehicles. The fleet policy gets you from A to B unharmed.


Vanbreda’s own fleet policy & policy wording

Practical administration by proxies

Clear damage reports

Digital claim notification and follow-up tools

Advice tailored to your business

We implement digital processes that increase your efficiency

Protect your rolling stock

We are on the road more than ever. The car, train and bus have long ceased to be the only means of transport that take us to our destination. We now also move around on e-bikes and on practical e-scooters. Mobility is evolving rapidly. You therefore need insurance that evolves with that trend.

Insurance solutions for every type of mobility are available for you and your team on the road. They protect cyclists, as well as scooter, passenger car, van and lorry users. 

We send you and your team safely on the road with our global approach to your mobility risks. We prepare your fleet policy ourselves thanks to proxies granted by several insurers - so you have all insurance certificates in your possession right away! 

Moreover, in collaboration with your insurer, we analyse your current prevention policy and adapt it where necessary. We offer the various solutions at the most competitive rates possible and keep all action plans up-to-date. This way we guarantee an up-to-date and dynamic fleet policy for your company!

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Want to get from A to B safely? Come with us!

At Vanbreda, we help you get started in a variety of ways. We simplify the paperwork by creating a fleet policy tailored to your needs that we manage efficiently. Our experts will assist you with specific advice and prepare clear damage reports.

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